School Staff/Administration

S.No. Teachers Name Academic Quali Professional Qual Teaching Exp Class assigned Trained/Untrained
1 Ashwani Kumar M.A. (Eng.) 16 yrs Trained
2 Shashi Kumar M.A. M.Phil. (Eng.) B.Ed.(HP.TET) 14 yrs I to VII Trained
3 Kuldeep Singh B.A.,B.P.Ed 3 Dan Black Belt & Authorize Instructor 14 yrs Nur To VII Trained
4 Devender Kumar Sharma M.A (Pol. Sci.)  M.Ed., B.C.A.( HP.TET & CTET)  05 yrs I to VII Trained
5 Neelam Sharma M.A. (Hindi), B.Ed.( HP.TET) 06 yrs I to VII Trained
6 Neelam Kumari M.A. (Eng., Pol. Sci.) B.Ed. 16 yrs I to VII Trained
7 Sakshi Sharma BA 02 yrs I to V Trained
8 Neeju Bala M.Sc.( Maths) B.Ed. 05 yrs I to VII Trained
9 Shilpa Sharma B.A NTT 02 yrs Nur Trained
10 Brijeshwari Ranote B.Sc (Med.) —– 01 yrs K.G Trained
11 Kavita Sharma 2 N.T.T 02 yrs K,G. Trained

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